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Clare’s Blog – Autumn

Hi Earleybird Parents & Carers


Please see our Manager, Clare’s, latest blog below for your information:-


Last night was our AGM.  Thank you to the very few parents that attended.  But it really was only a few.  We were very fortunate that we were able to recruit an executive committee from the 7 parents who did attend last night, as Marie Simpkins and Michelle Penney stepped down as Chair and Treasurer, because their children left the pre-school several years ago now. Without an executive committee, the pre-school cannot legally open. Without enough people at an AGM to vote, the pre-school could very well have been forced to close this morning and we would have been in a position of holding an Extraordinary AGM in order to try to keep it open.


If your child is with us for 2 years, or you have younger siblings you have on the waiting list, please do consider this for next year.  Put simply, without people attending the AGM and without people to sit on the committee, there will be no pre-school to send your child to.


Thank you to our past committee members again for all their support over the last few years.


And now a great big thank you and welcome goes to Sarah Lowery, and  Clare Costello, who are our new Co-Chairs.  And to Steph Hanson and Yasmin Ben-Umar who are our Co-Treasurers.  Shelley Thorpe has kindly stayed on as our Secretary.  Our fundraising team is made up of Gemma, Ed, Chrissy, Helen and Jade.  They will need your support to make the events they plan a huge success.


So what’s been happening this week.  We, among other things, have been reading We’re All Going on a Bear Hunt, which followed on nicely from our bear activities last week, and also tied in with Foundation 2 children who have been looking at the same book for the last two weeks.


Next week we will be using the season Autumn, which is now well and truly upon us to plan some of our activities.  It is also Diwali on Thursday for some of our families, so we will look at some of the traditions around this festival too, and use coloured rice for many of our craft activities.  If any of our families wish to come in and share any of your traditions, be it for Diwali next week, or any time your family is celebrating a festival – the children love having different people in and learning about what other people do.  Please speak to one of us and let us know. We’d love to have you!


Please collect over the weekend Autumn treasures and bring in for us to use.  Leaves, acorns, conkers, twigs etc will all form the basis for many of our activities and we will need lots and lots to last us all week.

Thank you!

Clare Sheppard