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Clare’s Blog – Fun Christmas Things

Dear Earleybird Parents & Carers


What a cold spell we have suddenly had.  Fingers crossed the cold will also help to kill off any remaining germs in the air.  We had a few children off with sickness at the end of last week, but the majority of our children seem to be suffering more with the runny nose and cough that is now doing the rounds.


Please can we ask that if your child has a soft lunch box, you stick it in the washing machine at the end of each week? They can be put through the machine or in the top rack of the dishwasher to kill off any bacteria that may be hiding in the ridges/edges.


We are also reminding children to cover their mouths when they are coughing, and to wash their hands after sneezing or wiping their nose, alongside our normal hand washing routines.


Hopefully if we work hard with the children, we can ensure they don’t miss any of the fun Christmas things we have planned over the next few weeks!


Please be advised that there will not be tickets issued for our Christmas song performance, but we will be ticking numbers off on our list on the day.  Every year we have families who do not reply but then bring lots of people on the day that which makes it very crowded.  I will be asking people who are not on my list to wait to see if there is room to let you in, so please do let us know your intentions to avoid any awkwardness.


Hawkedon School has it’s Christmas Fayre this evening, if you want to bring your child along it starts at 6pm in the main school, some of our staff members will helping out so look out for them!


Have a lovely weekend.


Clare Sheppard