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Clare’s Blog – Welcome back!

We hope you had a good Christmas holiday.  Some of the children have come back a little unsettled, and this is quite normal for after the Christmas break.  It’s often a very busy time, and routines go out of the window, with travel, late nights, and lots of family attention.  Put that together with dark dreary weather, and it makes it difficult for anyone to want to get up in the mornings and get to school/pre-school or work!


Please do not worry if your child is a little unsettled about coming in, I can personally assure you that all the children are settling very well once they are here, and you can always speak with your key person at any time if you need further reassurance of that.  We are so fortunate that all our families offer such loving nurturing homes for their children, so of course they may not always want to leave that.  This is all part of their development process and something we need to work together on to ensure they do get used to going to pre-school ready for when they do legally have to be in school.


We have had lots of fun winter weather activities on offer this week, so don’t forget to log in to your child’s learning journey to see what they have been up to this week. You can also share pictures with us about what they have been doing at home with you too.


Have a super weekend, and we look forward to seeing you all again next week.


Clare Sheppard