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Welcome to the Summer Term

By C Sheppard (Earleybirds) – Friday, 28 April 2017


Hi Earleybird Parents

So, the summer term is upon us, but currently that lovely sunshine we had in the Easter Holidays appears to have lost its warmth!! Thank you though to all those all-day children who have already got sun cream in for us to apply when it does suddenly make its appearance and catch us unaware.


We have had lots of enquiries and a few worried parents since we have come back, as they have noticed a change in their child’s behaviour, more emotional, and/or more challenging. Firstly, I want to reassure all of you that for the older children, this is very normal.  It happens every year, and I have been searching the internet to try to find some articles to share with you for reassurance. There were so many out there, I got a bit carried away reading them, and also parent forums with messages from lots of other worried parents. There is a theory that there is some kind of hormone surge around this age, but other people disagree with this.  But something that all seemed to agree on is something certainly does change for children around this time. Think ‘terrible twos’, perhaps it could be called ‘Frustrating Fours!’


Something that I believe does have an impact on the children is the confirmation of a school place.  It is very exciting news, and something that I’m sure you have all shared with your child.  But it does seem to throw them into emotional uncertainty. They have little concept of time scales, and the reality is it is still 6 months away, but they cannot really understand that.  Every day they may be wondering am I going to be going to pre-school or school this morning and this will be unsettling for them.  My advice would be not to discuss school too much with them at this time.  If you are trying to encourage independence in any way, try to avoid saying things like ‘when you are at big school you will have to do this.’  Schools do not get the confirmed list of children from the council until nearer the end of May, so it is unlikely that there will be any visits or meetings arranged until after this time.  And even in June, the children still have the big long summer break to get through before they will start school.


They are becoming confident and enquiring and with that may come challenging behaviour. Of course, this needs to be kept in check and the children need reminding of what is acceptable and what is not, but please do not worry unnecessarily, your child is still the same child they always were, and testing their assertive skills will stand them in good stead for when they are grown up!


I do hope this goes some way in reassuring you, and you understand my waffling! Please do speak to any of us if you are worried, but rest assured, you are not alone around the country and even around the world from my reading, and the favourite parent mantra is ‘This too shall pass’


Clare Sheppard


Earleybird Pre-School