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Weekly Roundup

10 September 2021

Dear Earleybird Parents & Carers 

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

It has been a fantastic first week back at Earleybird Pre-School. Existing children have returned and are settling back into pre-school well, across the week they have enjoyed exploring the environment and finding new and exciting resources to play with. They have especially enjoyed spending time in our brand-new sensory garden and playing outside enjoying the beautiful weather we had at the beginning of the week! Also, this week they have spent 1:1 time with their keyperson talking about themselves, their family, their interests and dislikes, this has helped the children develop their self-awareness and confidence in talking about their culture and beliefs, we even had a brand-new family member arrive this week and big brother was very excited to share this information with his friends and keyperson (Congratulations).  It’s wonderful to see them all so eager and ready to come back. 

We have also welcomed in many new friends over the week and again they have spent a good amount of time exploring their environment alongside their key person, we really look forward to seeing you all again next! 

Just a couple of notes, Please remember the children only need child sized bags to bring to pre-school that contain their changes of clothes, they have small pegs and having a small bag means they are able to able to get their bag independently. Also, we have noticed that a couple of children who stay for lunch have been missing a water bottle, please ensure they have a water bottle with their lunch, thank you. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


Pre-School Manager